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Your needs and
ideas creatively and
stylishly presented.


Attractively and ingeniously
designed product presentations
of outstanding quality.


Unique and eye-catching
presentation materials,
efficiently produced.



The finishing touch

Your products have been designed and produced with the greatest of care. To boost the success of your product, its presentation must also have the right look and feel. Kresta specialises in the design and manufacture of attractive-looking, innovative solutions which are tailor-made to meet every facet of your product presentation. When we produce your presentation materials, we pay attention to detail, which means we are more than happy advising you about the finishing touches.

The right accessories

Every product requires a different finish, one that matches its look and feel and use. For some product presentations a grip or cord might be more appropriate, for others a header. We design and produce the presentation materials with the finish that suits your product as well as with the colour and print of your choice.

Finishing of carpet presentations

The look and feel of your carpet presentations should match the quality of your brand. For that reason, standard solutions are not part of our remit. At Kresta, we listen to your needs and come up with ideas which you may not have considered yourself, without losing sight of efficiency. This way we are able to translate your needs and ideas into an cleverly designed, eye-catching and exciting product, manufactured and embellished with craftsmanship.

Finishing of vinyl presentations

Your vinyl products can be presented in many different ways: in a project folder or sample binder, presentation hanger, project case or handy fan deck. Together, we help identify your needs and address these with our own ideas. Using these as a basis, our designers will come up with a carefully thought-out design for your presentation and give it the finishing touches with the right accessories.

Finishing of PVC presentations

An attractively designed presentation of your PVC products is a key factor in its success. For your PVC presentations too we are happy to provide you with suitable and attractive looking finishing, such as headers, cords and grips.



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