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Your needs and
ideas creatively and
stylishly presented.


Attractively and ingeniously
designed product presentations
of outstanding quality.


Unique and eye-catching
presentation materials,
efficiently produced.


Vinyl presentation

Attractive and eye-catching presentation of vinyl

Vinyl is trendy, easy to maintain and available in many colours and patterns. As such, this product is able to satisfy a variety of tastes and user requirements. The different types and colours help bring the very best out of Kresta’s vinyl presentations. We provide a number of solutions which provide a quick and easy guide to the available colours and qualities.

Endless possibilities in vinyl presentations

Are you looking for a sample binder, presentation hanger, project folder, project case or handy fan deck? There are many ways to display vinyl products attractively and effectively. Together, we help identify your needs and address these with our own ideas. This provides our designers with the input they require to create a good design, one that provides an effective answer to your requirements and that shows your range of vinyl products in an eye-catching fashion.

Durable logo printing

It’s also possible for us to have a logo or text printed into the material using a computer-driven laser. This laser print provides an attractive and durable alternative for the brand label on the rear of the vinyl products.

Outstanding quality

Using our extensive range of machines, our team of experienced professionals is able to create a design of any kind. We work only with the best materials possible. After all, we believe the quality of your presentation materials should reflect the quality of the products you supply.


In general, at Kresta, standard solutions are not part of our remit. We are constantly seeking out improvements and new possibilities for our customers. We are proud of our experienced and dedicated team of professionals and our innovative production machinery, both of which help contribute to the success of your floor covering.


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