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Your needs and
ideas creatively and
stylishly presented.


Attractively and ingeniously
designed product presentations
of outstanding quality.


Unique and eye-catching
presentation materials,
efficiently produced.


Kresta, partner in productpresentatiesWood and laminate flooring presentations

Presentation materials for wood and laminate flooring

Hard floor coverings, such as wood and laminate floorings, continue to enjoy widespread popularity among consumers. Kresta’s growth has closely followed the innovations of the market and, over the years, we have produced eye-catching presentation material for both wood and laminate flooring. Your requirements and our creative input form the starting point for client-specific flooring presentations, which aim to highlight the character and allure of your wood and laminate flooring in a surprisingly refreshing way.

Customised wood and laminate flooring presentations

A laminate display or display for wood floors, presentation board, presentation case or bunch: the possibilities for presenting your wood and laminate flooring in an eye-catching way are endless. Our team of experienced and committed professionals are only too happy to listen to your wishes and together we seek out customised solutions which will showcase the superior quality of your products, not just their appearance, but their feel too.

Quality and convenience

It’s our aim to fulfil your wishes. We do this by working with our own designers, using only the very best materials and realising designs on the basis of our comprehensive range of in-house production facilities. Not only does this give you the convenience of working with just one partner, but the quality of your floor presentations ties in seamlessly with the appeal and quality of your brand.

Creative solutions for flooring presentations

Creativity is a byword for what we do. We do not confine ourselves to standard solutions: we are inspired by the latest trends and developments, and continually seek out improvements and new perspectives. Together, we create the best results possible for all your wood and laminate flooring presentations.


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